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Space Heating - Outdoor

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Now that the smoking ban is in place Flogas have responded to publican woes by launching their large selection of patio gas heaters.

Patio heaters are a relatively new gas concept and provide simple solutions to outdoor heating for pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants. They come in various forms such as the standard patio gas heater, fixed patio heater and fixed wall heater and will keep your customers warm with instant economical heat. Patio heaters provide a fast, flexible, and safe outdoor heating alternative.

The standard patio heater operates on Flogas patio gas and is especially suited for heating in beer gardens, patios, decks and sun terraces – in fact any suchlike location. They are made of stainless steel and through circular heat radiation give maximum and comfortable heat for outdoor use, combining style with one of the most economical, clean and environmentally friendly fuels. The heaters have a number of heat settings that allow for adjusting the heat output. Replacement patio gas cylinders are available from the nationwide network of Flogas patio gas heaters who offer a speedy and efficient gas delivery service direct to the customer.

The fixed patio heater provides an outdoor heating solution to customers who want a permanent heating installation. There is also a fixed wall heater installation, which is suitable for premises with fixed awnings.

For gas supply, customers have a choice of a bank of propane cylinders or a bulk tank, which can be positioned, in a convenient location. LP Gas is piped directly to the fixed heaters from the propane gas cylinders or bulk tank.

From initial design of the outdoor heating solution to final installation, testing and commissioning of gas equipment and deliveries of LP Gas, Flogas will ensure that the work is completed smoothly and efficiently, with minimum inconvenience to you and without disruption to the business.

Flogas distributes LP Gas from its Marine Terminals located at Drogheda, Cork and Belfast and from its land-based terminal in Ballyhaunis. This network of terminals ensures a constant and speedy distribution of LP Gas to customers. This delivery service can operate on a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week basis when required.

Our bulk gas delivery service is backed up by a nationwide network of Flogas distributors and dealers who are specially geared to supply and deliver Patio Gas Cylinders.

The patio gas heater may be the answer to all publican prayers as they find ways to accommodate all customers. So in order to accommodate you, Flogas are providing free outdoor heating surveys to all prospective clients.

To arrange a free Outdoor Heating Survey please contact the Flogas Hotline on 1850 306 800.

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