Save with LP Gas

Save energy:

  • High efficiency gas boilers can save energy, especially in the tourism sector. 
  • Businesses with significant energy consumption benefit from Combined Heat and Power Solutions resulting in effective production of electricity.
  • CHP units allow for simultaneous generation of water hearing, central heating and electricity in a single process which reduces energy use. 

Low cost: 

  • Price-wise bulk LP Gas works out less than other forms of energy such as Electric, Diesel or a gas supply from Bord Gáis.
  • Flogas effective forklift installations and the refuelling units are relatively inexpensive and are followed by only a nominal rental.
  • LP Gas powered engines last longer and require less maintenance resulting in considerably lower running costs. 
  • Free inspection, maintenance and training all result in LP Gas being a low cost energy solution. 
  • LP Gas starts well in winter and doesn't freeze. 
  • As LP Gas is less prone to onsite theft and spillage than diesel there is a significantly reduced chance of unforeseen theft costs.