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Outdoor gas heating

Outdoor gas heating for businesses

Flogas’ outdoor heating solutions are custom designed for your business’ needs and are guaranteed to provide you with a cost effective and efficient heating solution. Flogas have the expertise and experience to help your business save money and energy.

Outdoor heating systems come in different formats: Patio Gas Heating, Outdoor Heating Systems, Infra Red Gas Heaters.

Patio Gas Heating

Patio heaters provide simple solutions to outdoor heating for pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants. They come in various forms such as the standard patio gas heater, fixed patio heater and fixed wall heater and will keep your customers warm with instant economical heat. Patio heaters provide a fast, flexible, and safe outdoor heating alternative.

The standard patio heater operates on Flogas patio gas and is especially suited for heating in beer gardens, patios, decks and sun terraces. They are made of stainless steel and through circular heat radiation give maximum and comfortable heat for outdoor use, combining style with one of the most economical, clean and environmentally friendly fuels. The heaters have a number of heat settings that allow for adjusting the heat output. Replacement patio gas cylinders are available from the nationwide network of Flogas patio gas dealers who offer a speedy and efficient gas delivery service direct to the customer.

Fiesta Patio Heaters

FES Ireland Limited, distributors of Fiesta Fixed Outdoor Patio Heaters in conjunction with Flogas are pleased to offer outdoor heating solutions to our customers. The Fiesta Permanent Heaters have a heat output of 12kw., and are powered by LPG, piped directly to the fixed heaters via a bank of Flogas propane cylinders or a Flogas bulk tank, which can be positioned, in a convenient location. LPG is piped directly to the fixed heaters from the propane gas cylinders or bulk tank. Flogas in conjunction with FES are pleased to offer a free outdoor heating surveys to all prospective customers.

Outdoor Heating Systems

A Flogas outdoor heating system, is a safe, cost effective and easily controllable system. When the Irish winter hits, your outdoor areas can be made comfortable with a wall mounted gas heating system, freeing up more floor space for your customers. The heater may then be switched on and off like a light and has a unique boost facility which gives extra heat at the flick of a switch in cold weather.

  • Heats like the sun, providing good spread of heat
  • No worries about safety - Safe - permanently installed at high level. CE marked.
  • Low running costs – Gas fired radiant heating is inexpensive to run - about 4 cent per hour per m2 of area heated
  • Convenient - switch it on and off like a light. No more clumsy patio heater controls.
  • Easy to manage - Gas is piped so no handling or storage of bulky and heavy gas cylinders.
  • Costs can be controlled - can be switched on or off via time clock or occupancy sensor
  • Peace of mind - 12 month warranty from respected and long established supplier gas fired heating equipment.

Infra Red Gas Fired Heaters

Infra-Red Weather Protected Low-Intensity Gas-fired Heaters for Cafes, suitable for cafes, restaurants and pubs, available in "U-Tube" linear and double-linear styles.

Technical & Safety Advantages of Gas fired Infra-Red radiant tube heating systems

  • Cheap running costs, when compared to High intensity gas or electric heaters
  • Very easy and economical to install
  • Bathes customer in warmth over a large area, helping to keep them comfortable and extend their stay
  • Effective heating even in large undivided areas
  • Eliminates the use of portable bottled gas cylinders by utilizing bulk gas tanks or natural gas
  • High level mounting capability for safe outdoor heating applications
  • Under shield hand guards available as an option on request
  • Utilizes IP55 weather protected Burner boxes and IP54 weather protected fans
  • Quick warm up period and quick heat recovery times
  • Can be operated from standard on / off switches, movement sensors, coin mechanisms, etc
  • 15 - 50kW burner range with full electronic control capability
  • Combustion efficiency of over 90% assured by CE approval to gas appliance directive EN 416 and EN 777
  • Safe environment, fully designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 10
  • Highly polished aluminium reflectors utilised for maximum heat transfer
  • Corrosion resistant heat-treated aluminised mild-steel emitter tubes
  • Whisper quiet fans for flued and un-flued applications

General Benefits

  • Significantly lower heating bills through big energy savings
  • Environmentally suitable with Quiet, neat and unobtrusive performance
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Guaranteed performance
  • 90% Combustion efficiency
  • Unlimited heat output
  • Very easy and economical to install
  • Optional building management system capability
  • Comfortable temperatures from foot level to head height
  • Combines both targeted and all-round warmth
  • Aesthetically pleasing layouts through design versatility

From initial design of your outdoor heating solution to final installation, testing and commissioning of gas equipment and deliveries of LPG, Flogas will ensure that the work is completed smoothly and efficiently, with minimum inconvenience to you and without disruption to the business.

Flogas guarantees a reliable supply with a large network of terminals ensuring a constant and speedy distribution of LPG to customers. This delivery service can operate on a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week basis when required. Our bulk gas delivery service is backed up by a nationwide network of Flogas distributors and dealers who are specially geared to supply and deliver Patio Gas Cylinders.

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