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Central Wine Bar

A very efficient team - Flogas LPG and Central Wine Bar

central wine bar exterior

The Central Wine Bar Challenge

The Central Wine Bar and Restaurant in Ballycastle comprises an award-winning bar, night club, restaurant and private beer garden. When Philip and Gemma McHenry took over in the business in 2000 they found themselves dealing with three energy systems; oil for heating and hot water, solid fuel coal fires for the bar and gas for the kitchen. They had plans to extend and renovate the premises and felt there had to be a better way to manage the energy requirements for what they had in mind.

The Flogas Solution

Brian Hermin, Group Accounts Manager & Technical Services Controller for Flogas, along with Flogas’ Energy Solutions Team, undertook a free site survey of the Central Wine Bar. The team took into account the future energy requirements of the proposed extension and as a result of the projected savings illustrated by the survey, coupled with the unique benefits of LPG, the McHenry family made the decision to convert the entire premises to just one energy system. As such, they now use Flogas LPG for cooking, central heating & hot water, while replacing the old coal fires with modern, clean, efficient gas fires.

"We are very proud of the food we serve in our premises and for those in the catering business, it’s no secret that nothing beats cooking with a real flame. The easy-to-control, clean, instant versatility of gas is a joy to work with" - Gemma McHenry

The Flogas Energy Solutions Team is now giving expert advice in their plans to double the size of the kitchen and upgrade the existing beer garden. They are replacing expensive electric patio heaters with more efficient stylish gas patio heaters and are also installing a gas barbeque for the summer season because of its instant, controllable, heat for cooking.

The technical expertise of the Flogas Energy Solutions Team means confidence and peace of mind for customers when they entrust us with the design and installation of their gas system, whatever the applications. Our experience covers hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, guesthouses, leisure centres and also other sectors, including nursing homes, retail parks and manufacturing plants.

Flogas Energy Solutions evaluates, develops and provides cost effective gas solutions to customers, regardless of the project size. Large or small, Flogas has an energy solution for your specific needs.

"Aside from the cost savings, just having to deal with one energy provider is much more time efficient and it has made our lives so much easier. LPG has independent storage too, so we don't need additional space for oil tanks and coal bunkers" - Philip McHenry

Clean economical burning fuel

One source efficiency in the bar and restaurant for cooking, heating and hot water

Significantly reduced running costs

Now contains modern, clean and efficient gas fires

Reduced carbon footprint and now only having to deal with one energy supplier were all achieved