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Flogas Energy announces Energy Reductions for Natural Gas and Electricity Residential Customers

Following a significant rate reduction in November 2023, Flogas Energy is announcing a further drop in its electricity and natural gas prices for residential customers.  From 25th March 2024, there will be a reduction of 25% in the variable rate for natural gas and a 15% reduction in the variable rate for electricity.

  • Reduction of €274 per annum on the average variable rate electricity bill

  • Reduction of €429 per annum on the average variable rate natural gas bill

  • Reduction of €703 annually for Flogas average variable rate dual fuel bill

  • Standing charges for natural gas will reduce by 10% for variable tariffs.

  • The reductions apply to variable rate customers and equates to a saving of €22.88 per month on the average electricity bill (€274 annually) and €35.73 (€429 annually) on the average natural gas bill.

Flogas’ competitive fixed Smart rate and variable Smart rate tariffs will remain unchanged and electricity standing charges will remain unchanged

The savings are based on the Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) as defined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

Sean O’Loughlin, General Manager, Flogas Energy saidFollowing on from the 30% reduction in our electricity and natural gas rates in November, we are making good on our promise to continue to deliver competitive energy prices whenever the market allows. While wholesale energy markets can be unpredictable, we have continued to see a calming of this market, and it has allowed us to pass on further savings to our customers.”

Details of the price change will be included with natural gas and electricity bills from this month and the change will take effect from 25th March 2024.


Estimated Annual Bills (EAB) for variable rate residential customers from 25th March 2024 will be as follows:

Flogas Ireland Estimated Annual Bill Decreases 

Product Type

EAB on 24th March

EAB on 25th March

Annual Saving

Monthly Saving

Weekly Saving

Electricity 24hr Urban






Electricity 24hr Rural






Electricity Nsav Urban






Electricity Nsav Rural






Natural Gas






Dual Fuel






* The EAB for electricity includes the PSO levy at €0.00, effective as of 1st October 2023.

Calculations are based on the current VAT rate.


Rates and Standing Charges effective from 25 March 2024

Electricity Variable Rates – effective from 25th  March 2024

Ex. Vat

Incl. VAT

24 Hour Variable Rate



Daytime Variable Rate



Night-time Variable Rate



Night Storage Heating






Electricity Annual Standing Charges - Unchanged

24 Hour

Excl VAT

Incl VAT

Urban (DG1)



Rural (DG2)





Excl VAT

Incl VAT

Urban (DG1)



Rural (DG2)






Natural Gas Variable Rates – effective from 25 March 2024

Excl VAT

Incl VAT

Variable Rate






 Natural Gas Standing Charges – effective from 25 March 2024

Excl VAT

Incl VAT

Annual Charge







The Natural Gas EAB is based on a customer using 11,000 kwh per annum and the Electricity EAB is based on a urban 24hr rate customer using 4,200kwh per annum as per the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, (CRU),

 Prices are shown rounded for presentation purposes. Prices may vary during the customer’s contract.