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Flogas launches market-highest 20c per kWh offer for unused electricity

Flogas Microgeneration - clean export guarantee

John Rooney, Managing Director and Caitlin Curley, Marketing executive, Flogas ireland with performer Hannah Wright at launch of the new Flogas SolarGen promotion.

The new SolarGen promotion from Flogas is now paying the highest rate on the market, 20c per kWh for unused electricity generated by homeowners, businesses and farms using solar panels.

Under the recently launched Government’s Microgeneration Support Scheme, eligible homeowners using renewable energy like solar panels can sell surplus solar electricity back to their supplier. The same applies to farmers, business owners and non-profits with small amounts (up to 5.9kW) of solar panels on their rooftops.

The Flogas SolarGen promotion is open to existing and new customers. Existing customers using solar panels will automatically have their 20c per kWh rate (which includes 9% VAT) backdated to 15th February 2022 or from when they first became eligible after this date. 

Those looking to switch to Flogas will receive the 20c rate following sign up. They won’t lose out in doing so, as they will still receive payment for unused electricity from their old supplier. That payment would be backdated to 15th February 2022 at whatever rate was offered.

Dependent upon certain conditions, Flogas customers with 10 solar panels could be paid up to €238.00 (incl. VAT) annually, in the form of a credit on their bills.  Those with 15 solar panels could receive up to €350.00 (incl. VAT) annually.

Commenting on the announcement, John Rooney, Managing Director, Flogas Energy, said “We already have hundreds of customers with solar installations who  will have bill credits appearing by the end of October 2022. Our 20c rate for unused electricity is a real incentive for homes and small businesses looking to offset energy bills or those who are seriously considering the move towards solar energy.

As an energy supplier it is critical that we help our customers to make changes to their use of energy to help reduce their bills and support a greener, more sustainable future.” Rooney continued.

In a recent survey*, the Solar Energy Association said over one million homes in Ireland could benefit from a solar installation, which would take care of over 30% of Ireland’s energy requirement.


Flogas is now calling on the government to accelerate the level of grant support available for residential solar panel installation. It is also asking for a review of the current planning regulations and restrictions on businesses looking to do the same, to make it easier for them to do so. 

The ESBN issues data for eligible customers to each supplier, giving details of the amount of electricity generated or deemed to be generated. If the customer has a Smart Meter installed, the amount will be exact. If not, the customer will receive a “deemed calculation” estimated amount based on a formula approved by the CRU.

The payment is in the form of a credit on customer bills, the first one due to be applied by 31st October 2022. Flogas aims to apply credits every two months after that to align with existing billing cycles. The 20c per kWh rate is guaranteed until March 2023.

For more information, visit https://www.flogas.ie/solar/micro-generation.html