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At Flogas we are serious about working towards a brighter future by making positive changes to help our environment. 

We are the first supplier in Ireland to offer 100% carbon neutral gas along side our 100% renewable electricity.

And now we are proud to offer our customers an exciting new range of home upgrades, including Solar PV Panels so you can generate your own electricity, Smart Batteries so you can store your

electricity and Electric Vehicle solutions so you can charge up your electric car.

Battery Benefits

  • Store cheaper night time electricity from the grid for use at peak times.

  • Compliment your Solar PV panels, or just have batteries on their own.

    Store the electricity you generate from your solar panels for when it gets dark

  • Suitable for renters, as they are not a permanent installation

What happens next?

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Join us for 100% Green Electricity* & Green Gas

Ireland’s first ever 100% green dual fuel product now available! Flogas Green Future - our range of 100% Green Electricity and Natural Gas products including Ireland’s, first ever Green Dual Fuel Product.

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