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LP Gas efficiently provides heating, hot water, cooking and gas fires to thousands of homes throughout the country. Case Studies.

Meet the Family

Meet the family

From bottled gas, through domestic bulk tankers up to CHP generators, Flogas has a wide range of solutions for your energy needs. View all...

Flogas is a major force within the UK & Irish energy market having established a comprehensive distribution network of independent bottled gas distributors and dealers. LP Gas is highly efficient and cost effective energy source. It is a clean burning, controllable fuel (being free of lead and sulphur), providing an alternative energy source in today’s society where environmental concerns are often at the forefront of consumers’ minds. In cylinder format, LP Gas is highly versatile and mobile. Our cylinders are compatible with all gas appliances, whether a mobile heater, barbeque or patio heater and as such, Flogas bottled gas is the perfect accompaniment to today’s modern lifestyles. Further information on the characteristics, storage and transport of bottled LP Gas can be found in our Dealer Safety Booklet.