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The fact that LP Gas is highly portable becomes a major advantage in the construction industry. Typical applications are in roofing, cutting and welding, and in drying out structures with portable blow-air heaters.

Flogas in rural areas

As our cities become congested there is a growing trend of people living in rural areas. This puts pressure on builders to build in rural areas, where mains gas is not available.

Flogas can provide a tailor made package for the construction sector for all your gas heating and cooking needs in form of:-

  • Bulk storage solutions for metered estates.
  • Single Dwelling bulk tanks or cylinders.

Metered Estates

There is a growing trend for new housing developments to be developed in areas beyond mains gas supply. However, such developments can still enjoy the benefits of LP Gas through a metered LP Gas scheme and communal tank.

Similar to supplying an individual LP Gas domestic customer, the storage tanks can be sited either above ground or underground, whichever best suits the requirements of the development. However, each property within the development is then fitted with meters that monitor the gas usage for each property. Each property is then invoiced for the amount of gas used on a quarterly basis.

The communal storage tank is automatically topped up by Flogas, giving the consumer continuity of supply and peace of mind. As far as the homeowner is concerned there is no difference between using our LP Gas scheme and being on mains gas.

We have a dedicated sales team working alongside the engineering, technical, sales and marketing teams. Using the skills and expertise from all of these departments, Flogas can ensure a smooth and trouble free installation for any size of housing development.

Roofing, Welding & White Lining

Flogas supply LP Gas cylinders for both roofing and general welding companies. LP Gas is very versatile fuel and is also used by white lining companies for road markings. Propane gas is recommended for all types of welding, as it is an ideal fuel for this sector.

One of the main advantages of LP Gas cylinders is that they are an extremely portable product, ideal for roofers within the construction industry.