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Agriculture & Horticulture

Flogas LPG energy solutions for the agriculture and horticulture industry in Ireland

Many farmers, whether they are poultry rearing, grain drying or crop flaming, rely on Flogas for a convenient, reliable and safe supply of LPG. Taking into account your individual site and application needs, Flogas will supply the installation that best suits your requirements, whether this is cylinders or bulk.

Agriculture - Grain

Grain Drying

Flogas can provide controllable power for mobile and fixed grain dryers. LPG from Flogas is cost effective giving you maximum drying abilities for all types of grain, with lower running costs.

Pig, Poultry and Pheasant Rearing

During the rearing season it is important that birds & livestock have constant heat to thrive on. Flogas can provide the perfect solution. With bulk or cylinders, LPG is the perfect alternative, wherever you are in Ireland.


Your horticulture business needs efficient and consistent air heating when the temperatures outside drop. Flogas market a modern range of air heaters for the horticulture industry, with high efficiency levels, for fast heat when temperatures start to fall off. These heaters also feature the possibility for C02 enrichment.

Wherever your site and whatever your needs, Flogas can provide portable, versatile, reliable energy solutions for your farm.

How can we help your business?

Flogas LPG powers modern Irish agriculture and horticulture. Talk to us today about a tailor made, site specific energy solution for you and your business.

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