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Brophy Agri-Services

Flogas LPG fuels grain drying operation for Carlow company.

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The Grain Drying Challenge

Brophy Agri-Services in Tullow, Co. Carlow is one of the largest agricultural merchants in the area. Grain drying is a significant part of the business and the company was using diesel oil to fuel its operations. Brophy Agri-Services was interested in switching to Flogas LPG to reduce costs, increase production efficiency and improve emissions.

The short but intensive grain drying season between August and October, means a reliable source of energy and equipment is critical to avoid downtime, backlogs and financial losses.

The Flogas Solution

Flogas proposed the replacement of the existing two-stage oil burner with a fully modulating Weishaupt WM G20 LPG burner, allowing for more precise temperature control, more efficiency, and reduced energy consumption.
As LPG is a clean burning fuel, sulphurate and particulate emissions will be eliminated, with a 31 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions.

Sizing and location of the tanks was critical. The Flogas solution was the installation of three x 4 tonne LPG tanks which gave on-site storage of almost 25,000 litres. The project was agreed and the Flogas contractors installed all the necessary regulators and gas pipework to complete the installation within budget and on time for the 2013 grain drying season.

“Everything worked well during the critical grain drying season and I was very impressed with the cleanliness, efficiency and responsiveness of LPG. I was also particularly pleased with the cost-savings that resulted when we converted our grain drying system from oil to LPG.” - Gregory Brophy

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