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LPG Business Switch

Save money for your business with Flogas LPG

Switching to Flogas for your business is quick and easy. We can provide a hassle free transfer from your current provider, or design a tailor made energy solution for your business from the ground up. Thousands of businesses all over Ireland, big and small, use Flogas LPG to power their business.

Saving you money

LPG is cost efficient and clean burning, with affordable installation and running costs.

Flexible and versatile

Flogas LPG energy solutions can power everything from a small micro brewery in Dingle to a large Combined Heat & Power system for a nationwide range of motorway Service areas.

Customer & Technical Support

All our business sales representatives are technically trained and our team of engineeers and designers offer a comprehensive and FREE energy assessment. We go the extra mile for our business customers - our delivery service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.