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Flogas Website Privacy Policy

Flogas is committed to best practices in respecting the privacy of it's customers and internet users - we are a supplier, not a trader in personal information. The following documents the details of our policy.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Flogas does not sell or pass any information on customers to third parties unless specifically requested by the customer, such as our passing customer contact details to a gas service contractor when a customer requests a service or else when his or Flogas's equipment is due routine service. Routine service in this context would arise through a maintenance contract or where we have to carry out routine maintenance on our gas tanks. We may be required to disclose information to statutory authorities, such as on foot of a court order.

Apart from the above, we do not pass customer lists, email addresses, web site contacts, or other information to any third parties.

Collection of Information from Web Site Access

Flogas does not collect any information that is traceable to an individual from our web site - we do not collect user names, telephone numbers that they may use to access the web site, IP addresses of their computers, or email addresses.

Flogas does collect summary information which helps us develop our web site, such as how many hits we receive, what pages are the most popular, what web browsers users are using.

On-Line Purchasing

The processing of on-line purchasing (and the consequent credit card information) is processed for Flogas through a secure, Verisign-verifiable, ordering system with the credit card payments being processed directly by our bankers. We do NOT have access to any user's credit card information - the payment is verified and processed by our bank, who merely forward the payment amount to us (referenced to the transaction).

Privacy of Information

Flogas does hold information on customers who have an account with us (generally for the purchase of gas). We are committed to ensuring that this information is kept securely to avoid theft or access by others, which is both in our interests as well as that of our customers. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold is kept accurate and up-to-date.

Further Information

If you have further queries, suggestions for further information that should be included on this page, requests to update or correct information that we have, or wish to make a complaint in this respect, please contact us