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Questions about Gaslight and bottled gas

Frequently asked questions about cylinders and bottled gas

What's the difference between Butane and Propane?

In use the two are very similar. Propane can be used all year round due to it's very low boiling temperature whereas Butane tends to be more suitable for summer use as low winter temperatures may mean the liquid will not boil to produce vapour to burn.

Can I switch from Butane to Propane?

Most appliances can be used with either Butane or Propane but the cylinders use different regulators so please check what size is needed first. Propane operates at a higher pressure than Butane so it is not possible to use a butane regulator on a propane cylinder and vice versa. Propane can be used all year round due to it’s lower boiling point, Butane may not give off vapour in low seasonal temperatures, typically below two degrees Celsius.

How often should I replace my regulator?

You should always inspect your regulator for defects and dirt ingress before connecting to any cylinder or at least annually. It is recommended that you replace your regulator every five years or sooner if the manufacturer guide recommends this. It is important that you check before each connection is made though for defects.

What should I do when my Gaslight bottle is empty?

When your Gaslight bottle is empty, return it to your selected stockist to exchange it for a full bottle. This time, you'll pay only for the gas.

What are the Gaslight bottle dimensions?


5 kg

10 kg

Weight of bottle

3.7 kg *


Total weight of full bottle

8.7 kg








How do I secure my Gaslight cylinder in my cylinder compartment in my caravan?

Some cylinder compartments have mouldings or brackets on the floor of the compartment that are designed to fit steel cylinders. You can buy a plastic bracket to fit in your cylinder compartment which will hold both Gaslight and steel cylinders safely and securely in place.

Where can I buy Gaslight cylinders?

This is contained in our ‘Find a Gaslight Stockist’ section