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Reading your meter

Frequently asked questions about reading your LPG meter

How do I read my meter?

Reading your meterEstimated meter readings are based on previous consumption, any necessary adjustment will be made when an actual reading is obtained which would usually be on your next bill. However if you are unhappy with an estimated bill you can take the reading yourself.

Taking your own Reading

On the front of your meter, you will see a panel with a number sequence on black and red. Note down the numbers that are on black.

You can now either:


How often will my meter be read?


Your meter will be read five times annually – three times over the winter months (September – March) and twice during the summer months (April – August).  If you have just moved into a property and wish to know the invoice periods for your development, or have not received an invoice from us for a period of four months or longer, please contact our customer service team on 028 9073 2611.