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COVID-19 Pay as you go Natural Gas meter customer update

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) reverted to their standard level of €10 emergency credit for Pay As You Go gas customers from June 2020.

The CRU had put in place an increased emergency credit amount of €100 during 2020 to assist PAYG gas customers during the initial Government Covid-19 restrictions. This was done to ensure as many customers as possible remained connected to their gas supply whilst their might have been a risk that they were unable able to reach a retail outlet to purchase credit.

Customers will automatically be able to reduce the level of emergency credit debt over time as each time a customer purchases credit, a portion of this will be used to pay off any of their debt owed. If a customer has used emergency credit available on their meter, this must be paid back in full before a customer can use the facility again.

If you have any queries in relation to your account or are experiencing any difficulties in managing your credit, then please contact us on 041-2149500 or email us at customersupport@flogas.ie. We can provide guidance and details for third parties who offer advice.

PAYG Customers should continue to top up their meters to ensure this facility is available to them in the future.

Further details of how to add credit can be seen in this short video 

Further details about accessing emergency credit on your PAYG meter


If you are a vulnerable customer and have concerns about your PAYG please contact us at info@flogas.ie where we will swiftly and confidentially work to solve your concern.