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Flogas Energy Price Announcements September 2022

Flogas Energy is today announcing an increase in residential electricity bills by 20% and gas bills by 26% with effect from 26th October 2022. This is due to the continuing and unprecedented increases in wholesale gas prices and the associated increases in wholesale electricity costs.

While there will be unit rate increases, daily standing charges for electricity and gas supply will not be affected.

Full details on the upcoming price change will shortly be available on the Flogas website, www.flogas.ie. There is also official notifications today in the print media.

Commenting on the announcement, Sean O’Loughlin, General Manager, Flogas Energy, saidEnergy cost increases are affecting all suppliers and while we are continually looking at ways to minimise costs for our customers, we have no option but to increase our rates in the current environment.

We will support affected customers through our Customer Service team as much as possible and have a range of options, including payment plans, Budget Pay and pre-payment meters. We would ask any Flogas customer who is facing financial pressure around their energy bills to contact us,”  O’Loughlin continued.


In parallel, Flogas is increasing the payment to homeowners and small businesses using solar panels under its SolarGen Microgeneration scheme to 24c per kWh.  This is the highest rate available to microgen customers in the market.


Flogas continues to encourage all customers to ensure they are on a discounted contract, and where they have a Smart meter installed, to switch to a Flogas Smart Tariff.


Sean O’Loughlin said: “We would encourage all our customers to enter a contract with us where savings of up to 20% are currently available. In addition, by switching to a Smart Time of Use Tariff,  further discounts of up to 30% on night-time usage are also possible.


 As an energy supplier we are committed to helping our customers make changes to their use of energy, to help reduce their bills and support a greener more sustainable future,” O’Loughlin continued.


Note: Unit rates for residential electricity are increasing by 20%, and for residential natural gas 26%, there will be no change to standing charges.

The impact on Estimated Annual Bills (EAB) for standard rate residential customers from 26th October 2022 will be as follows (customers on discounted tariffs will have lower EABs):


Current EAB

From 26/10/22


Smart SST Urban



 Smart SST Rural






24hr Urban



Night Saver Urban



24Hr Rural



 Night saver Rural






Natural Gas



EABs are inclusive of VAT @ 9%, Electricity PSO (€56.31 pa) and Gas Carbon taxes (€75.68 pa). Gas EAB is based on a customer using 11,000 kwh per annum.  Electricity EABs are based on a customer using 4,200kwh per annum, allocated by time-period as per the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, (CRU).  Prices are shown rounded for presentation purposes. Prices may vary during the customer’s contract.

Note: The PSO is due to reduce from 1st October as follows – source CRU