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Flogas is a proud founding member of Liquid Gas Ireland

Image of a rural Irish landscape with LGI and Flogas logos superimposed on top

Flogas is a proud founding member of Liquid Gas Ireland (LGI), the association representing companies operating in the LPG and BioLPG industry in Ireland.


LPG and BioLPG is the clean, versatile, and alternative lower- carbon energy of choice for off-grid gas energy users in the residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, leisure, and transport sectors in Ireland.


The National Residential Retrofit Plan forms a core part of the Irish Government’s wider Climate Action Plan, supporting homeowners to undertake home energy upgrades, with a key focus placed on transitioning homes to heat pump systems. Unless alternative, more accessible, versatile, and affordable options are encouraged by Government to help a broader national cohort of homeowners decarbonise, Ireland remains at serious risk of missing its 2050 net zero emissions target.


In areas off the national gas grid, 65% of households currently rely on oil for home heating while thousands more are still using high carbon solid fuels. For these homeowners, switching to a renewable ready gas boiler that caters for lower carbon LPG, BioLPG or a blend of both, would have an immediate and lasting impact on reducing carbon emissions.


LGI represents its members in all relevant policy, regulatory, and stakeholder engagement to shape and contribute to policy goals related to the decarbonisation of heat, transport, and industry. The association also takes a leading role in safety, setting high standards for the safe, progressive development and use of LPG and BioLPG. As a member of Liquid Gas Europe, LGI is committed to working with consumers, industry stakeholders, policymakers, and partners to support Ireland’s goal to improve air quality, drive decarbonisation, and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.


Read their full policy document: “Liquid Gas - Making the ‘Just Transition’ more sustainable for rural Ireland’.