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Flogas Energy Price Announcements

Due to the unprecedented and sustained rise in wholesale gas prices and the associated rise in wholesale electricity costs, Flogas Energy is today announcing increases in electricity and natural gas bills for residential customers.

With effect from 7th May 2022, there will be an 27% increase in unit rate and standing charges for residential electricity. There will be a 29% increase in unit rate and standing charges for residential natural gas.  Changes to the unit rate and standing charges are listed under Price Plans on www.flogas.ie

Wholesale costs have continually increased in the last 12 months. The escalating geo-political situation is adding to the pressures already existing in the Irish and European energy markets.  Prices are remaining high and increasingly volatile, with little sign of improvement in the medium term.

Paul Kenny, general manager, Flogas Energy, “All Irish energy suppliers are being faced with the same rising wholesale cost increases.  While we have worked hard to minimise and delay price changes during the winter months, we now regrettably need to reflect the increased costs in our prices. We are contacting our customers to advise of the change and give advice and support on how to reduce their costs into the future.”

Flogas is encouraging all their Smart Meter customers to make the switch to a “Time of Use” electricity Smart price-plan. Flogas Smart price-plans allow customers to make an immediate saving on their energy costs and standing charges by adjusting the times where they use electricity in the home*:



Comparison vs Regular 24hr Meter

Standing Charge

14% reduction

Day Rate (8am -5pm, & 7pm -11pm)

14% reduction

Peak Rate (5pm -7pm)

2% increase

Night Rate (11pm -8am)

33% reduction

*Comparison of the unit rate savings possible for a Flogas standard-rate customer switching from a regular urban 24hr meter to a Smart meter “Time of Use” Green Future tariff. No contract required. T&Cs apply.

“We want to help our customers take more control over their energy use. Almost half of our customers have a smart meter installed, and we are encouraging them to switch  to a smart meter tariff that can deliver considerable savings. Switching is easy, it only takes a few minutes, has cost savings, and eliminates estimated bills,” Kenny continued.

Flogas will also be launching a range of Smart home energy controls, as well as Solar PV and battery storage solutions in the coming months.

We sincerely regret the increase in our prices, we are keenly aware of the impact being felt by households across the country, and our Customer Service teams will be supporting affected customers as much as possible.

But, as an energy supplier, it is now critical that we help and support our customers to make changes to their use of energy to reduce their bills and support a greener, more sustainable future.”