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United Drug make the switch to renewable gas to power a more sustainable future

Barry Murphy (left) Commercial Director at Flogas Enterprise and Paul Reilly, CEO of United Drug

United Drug has made the switch to Renewable Gas (Biomethane) supplied by Flogas Enterprise as part of their efforts to become carbon Neutral by 2030. The biomethane sourced from Green Generation in Cush, Co Kildare, will increase incrementally in the coming years. 

Speaking on behalf of Flogas Enterprise, Barry Murphy, Commercial Director said:

“This is an exciting development in the Irish market. Ireland has significant untapped potential in renewable gas. We have a long-term history of supplying natural gas to United Drug for over 12 years and this new contract will see 10% of their total gas requirements in the next year, supplied as renewable gas by us. We see a growing demand for this in Ireland and believe that it will play a crucial part both in powering Ireland’s future and in helping companies make the transition to renewable power”

Renewable gas, also known as biomethane, is a clean, renewable and carbon neutral fuel.  Its potential as a renewable fuel for transport, heat and electricity is well-recognised in the EU’s commitment to becoming a highly energy-efficient, low carbon economy. Flogas Enterprise are proud to have been the first company to offer it to commercial customers in Ireland.

This Renewable gas is produced using a process called Anaerobic Digestion.  Food waste or other waste products are broken down using bacteria, creating both the renewable gas and a nutrient rich fertilizer which can then be used on local farms, reducing their need for chemicals.

 Paul Reilly, CEO of United Drug said:

“Our mission is to become carbon neutral by 2030 and this is an important step in cutting our carbon emissions. It will enable our business to become more sustainable and provide us with a long-term solution to our requirements. It also reflects our values and desire to do our part in the community to lead the way in responding to climate change. We are replacing our existing energy sources with sustainable, more environmentally friendly alternatives with the focus on a sole use of electricity from renewable energy sources.” 

The EU Commission has identified Ireland as being the country with the greatest potential for developing this clean energy per capita. 

Flogas Enterprise point out that according to their data day ahead gas prices have risen circa 350% in 2021 and this has put a focus on the strategic importance of developing indigenous gas supplies in Ireland.

Naturgy Ireland will now be rebranded as Flogas Enterprise after the successful acquisition by Flogas   in December 2021. From now on, business customers and large energy users will be provided with renewable gas under the Flogas Enterprise brand. Naturgy Ireland has long been a leading supplier of renewable electricity, natural gas and energy services to large energy users across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, having a share of almost 17% of the industrial and commercial natural gas market.

It also supplies natural gas, renewable electricity, compressed natural gas and more recently, a range of energy services that include Lighting-as-a-Service, Solar PV and corporate PPAs.

Flogas provides renewable electricity, natural gas and LPG energy solutions to over 30,000 commercial customers, primarily SME, across the island of Ireland and will now be in a position to expand the range of sustainable energy services offered as well as offering larger energy users a broader all- Ireland solution.  

For more information on visit www.flogasenterprise.ie