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Home Heating with LPG

LPG home heating - central heating, gas fires, mobile gas heaters with bulk or bottled gas

Gas central heating

You can have a warm heated house wherever you are in Ireland with a tailored central heating system combined with a modern, quiet and super-efficient boiler. It no longer matters whether you live close to a mains gas supply - we bring Flogas directly to your door.  Our clean, efficient LPG is delivered in bulk to your tank or in convenient bottled gas.

get 1200 Litres of LPG FREE

A Flogas central heating system gives you clean, efficient and controllable central heating, instant hot water, economical gas cooking and the latest range of gas fires and gas tumble dryers. A modern boiler and heating system features easy to set controls, ensuring you having cosy heat and piping hot water whenever you need it.

Our short video below illustrates how quick & straightforward it is to install Flogas in your home.

Special Offer for all new LPG customers - Get 1200 litres of LPG FREE when switching from oil to LPG central heating!

Switching from Oil to Gas?

For customers that wish to change from an oil fired system to LPG, a new LPG tank and pipework needs to be put in place and a Gas Safe Registered Engineer will install a new efficient boiler. We here at Flogas ensure this process is seamless and hassle free for the customer.

In addition, there is an exceptional offer of 1,200 litres of LPG FREE available for all our new customers switching from oil to Flogas LPG.

Switching from Oil to Gas

Building your own home?

For new builds who are thinking of incorporating LPG into their home, Flogas offers a turnkey solution.

Once a gas layout is agreed, it is then a simple process of laying the gas pipes and foundation for your Flogas LPG tank. A Gas Safe Registered Engineer will install your recommended boiler and Flogas will fill your new LPG tank with gas. Your new LPG system is ready for commission!

Steps for New Build

Switching your LPG Supplier

For customers who already have an existing tank and who are looking to change to Flogas, the changeover process is simple.

You can now switch suppliers without the hassle of changing your tank. There is no disruption to your gas supply and transfer from your current supplier is hassle free. There are no changeover costs and you can continue to use your existing meter (if applicable).

Find out what our customers say

Flogas has helped many families install an economical, safe gas central heating system, wherever they are in Ireland. Find out more from some of our happy customers. >


Switching to LPG