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Gaslight Safety

Safety and storage of Gaslight bottled gas

Incorrect storage, handling and usage of gas must be avoided at all times - please follow the following safety guidelines when using Gaslight cylinders:

  • Gas bottles are highly flammable and should be kept away from sources of ignition, hot surfaces and naked flames.
  • Bottles should be placed in an upright position to ensure vapour rather than liquid is used.
  • Keep your bottle outdoors at all times, on firm, level ground and in a well-ventilated position.
  • Do not keep your gas bottle in a cellar, basement or sunken area.
  • Bottles must be accessible, should not cause obstructions and must be protected from damage or interference by persons, animals or vehicles.
  • Changeover devices and regulators should ideally be located near to the bottles and the flexible connections checked regularly and kept as close as possible.
  • Bottles should not be positioned near to windows, doors, airbricks, flues, ducts, drains, gullies or openings to cellars.
  • Bottles should also not be located near to any corrosive, toxic or oxidising materials.
  • The area around bottles should be kept clear of litter, long grass and other flammable materials.

For more information please download the Flogas Gaslight safety leaflet.

Download our safety leaflet >