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LPG siting guide

Our tankers will fill your tank from the roadway - so it is crucial that your tank is sited correctly. The information below is for tanks over 100 gallons up to 1 tonne.


How to site a tank


  1. Our drivers need to be able to clearly see your tank from the back of the tanker while filling, with minimal or no obstruction, and 30m max. distance from the back of the tanker to your tank. 
  2. Normal separation distance from tank to buildings, boundaries, property lines and fixed sources of ignition is 3m. Oil tanks must always be 3m from gas tanks.
  3. This distance can be reduced to 1.5m from a boundary wall, but only on one side. Trees can only be 1m from your tank on one side, and only if the trees are evergreen.


tank siting guide


How not to site a tank


  1. Line of sight from tanker to tank is blocked by objects
  2. Trees that are not evergreen are 1m distance from tank. 3m distance from objects is not observed.
  3. Separation distance from boundary is >1.5m on 2 sides