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Flogas CPD Seminar

Professional Development For Your Company With Flogas

Upskill and expand your knowledge of energy solutions and safety for bulk installations. As part of Flogas’ commitment to continuous professional development, we offer informative, and practical seminars, keeping architects and consultants in touch with an ever-changing industry and updating their core knowledge and learning.

Our short seminar lasts approximately one hour, and is open to discussion and questions. Attendees will receive a certificate confirming their attendance, and we can hold the seminar at your premises at a time convenient for you.

Topics covered include:

  • LPG Applications
  • LPG Product Information & Regulations
  • LPG Bulk Tank Design Specifications
  • LPG Emerging Technologies
  • Practical Case Studies

Book your free LPG Learning Seminar today - and find out how LPG can help you with any development, big or small.

To express an interest in attending a presentation, please complete the form below and we will be in touch, or John Haveron directly on 07766 923 577

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