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LPG for automotive applications

Did you know that LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) can be used to power your car or commercial vehicles? Often up to 50% cheaper than petrol or diesel, Autogas fuel is an innovative, economical, clean fuel that burns more cleanly than petrol, is friendlier to the environment, and is the lowest cost car fuel around.

LPG vehicles are quicker to fill and LPG tanks are both lighter and give more miles between refuelling than Natural Gas. Flogas can provide refuelling systems for car fleet users or forklift users either on outright purchase or on rental.

LPG can also be used to fuel forklifts trucks, motor mowers, buses and power boats, as well as larger commercial fleets of vehicles.

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LPG for automotive applications

Commercial Vehicle Fleets

Autogas can provide clear, tangible costs savings by offering fuel bill reductions of approximately 50%. This is primarily due to the low fuel duty placed on autogas given that it is an environmentally friendly alternative to petrol/diesel fuel. For organisations with commercial fleets, the cost savings can be substantial.

Larger customers can avail of a fleet bunkering site from which to refuel their fleet. By installing a bulk tank and dispenser, your business could benefit from further cost savings on the retail cost. Furthermore, the modular bunkering unit can be added to as your fleet grows, while being portable should the need arise. If required, the unit can be designed to accommodate fuel card readers.

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Commercial Vehicle Fleets

Diesel/LPG For Haulage

Haulage companies are under increasing pressure to manage costs due to the rising price of diesel. Technology now exists that allows the substitution of high cost diesel fuel for the low cost cleaner LPG, while still using a standard Diesel engine. This Diesel/LPG mix technology can offer significant carbon reductions and significant fuel cost savings. At all times the engine will remain a predominantly diesel engine with the LPG as a proprietary fuel.

What could you save?

  • 15% on fuel costs a year*
  • 10% CO2 Reduction a year*
  • Payback on conversion in less than 19 months*

* Based on a tractor unit doing 140,000 kilometers p.a. Savings may vary depending on age & type of tractor unit & the goods being hauled.

Diesel/LPG For Haulage
Forklift LPG Fuel

Forklift LPG Fuel

LPG as a forklift fuel is beoming increasing in popularity not only because of its economy and secure supply but, also because of its clean burning properties - LPG is lead and sulphur free. This is particularly important where forklifts are to be used indoors (e.g. warehouses) in the food, fresh fruit and vegetable sectors where a pollution free environment is critical. (see also Diageo case study more more details on LPG as forklift truck).

LPG powered forklift trucks also provide consistent performance, whatever the terrain. With no need to recharge and the reduced need for maintenance (as LPG is clean burning), there will be significantly less downtime for your organisation allowing for increased productivity. When LPG runs low, it is a simple matter of changing a cylinder or refuelling from a designated Flogas bulk tank

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