Energy Awareness and Conservation

Discover how to save money and the environment with Flogas

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Generate your own hot water with Solar Panels. Solar panels are an amazing, passive way to generate free water heating. If you are interested in saving money, doing your bit for the planet, and increasing your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), solar panels are the most common and affordable form of alternative energy available in Ireland.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Generate free electricity for your home with PV solar panels. Photovoltaic solar panels are an innovative new technology that harnesses solar energy to generate electricity to power everything from charging phones to operating your electric shower. These solar panels are a true form of renewable energy. They cost nothing to run, and have little or no maintenance or moving parts. This means you get a reliable, long lasting system that generates electricity for you for many years.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Get clean, fresh, preheated air throughout your home. A heat recovery unit has many benefits - apart from removing stale air, it boosts odour extraction and quickly removes steam from kitchens and bathrooms. Removed exhausted air is not wasted, but used to preheat the incoming fresh air.

Save money and the environment with green energy solutions Flogas

With rising fuel costs, and our responsibility for the environment, there has never been a better time to consider installing renewable or green energy systems at home. Green energy systems can increase your home's efficiency, which helps save you energy and save money. New innovations in green technology mean the choices for you, your home and the environment are better than ever.

Energy Saving Tips

Flogas is an environment-conscious supplier - our gas isclean-burning, efficient and easier on the environment. With some simple changes, however, youcan go the extra mile to saving money and the environment.


Most heat loss from a house occurs through its windows. Even if your windows are double glazed and sealed,  make sure you have lined curtains, and close them after dark, even in empty rooms. Ensure the curtains don’t cover a radiator.

Energy tip for windows


Use your oven efficiently - try and cook items together, rather than one after another. The top of the oven is hotter, and the bottom is colder, so you can cook things at different temperatures simultaneously. Refrain from opening the door too much as you could lose a lot of accumulated heat.

Energy tip for cookers


Go the extra mile with insulation and you will reap the rewards. Think about adding layers to your attic insulation if it's less than 200mm. While your hot water tank should always have a lagging jacket, cylinder factory applied insulation is much more efficient, and not easily damaged or pulled off.

Energy tip for insulation

Washing & Drying

Fill up the machine - it’s more efficient to do one large load, instead of 2 smaller ones. Use the lowest temperature possible. Use your dryer sparingly - dry outside as a rule, with the dryer as a backup.

Energy tip for washing machines