LPG home heating and cooking

LPG bulk and bottled gas for heating, cooking, tumble drying, outdoors & bbqs

LPG Heating

You can have a warm home wherever you are in Ireland with clean, efficient LPG from Flogas combined with the latest tailor made central heating systems and boilers. Whether you're switching from oil to gas, moving from your existing LPG supplier, or completing a new build, Flogas provide a FREE SITE VISIT to discuss how much you can save with a hassle free switch to Flogas LPG.

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Always use a Registered Gas Installer when installing gas for heating or any household use.
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LPG Heating

Gas Cookers

It's no secret that professional cooks prefer gas cookers and no wonder: it's clean, fast, economical and controllable. Your gas cooker can work of your LPG bulk tank, or directly from handy, portable cylinders. Cooking and entertaining outdoors is easy with bottled gas for patio heaters and barbecues.

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Can't wait for summer? Cooking and entertaining outdoors is easy with bottled gas for patio heaters and barbecues. If you're a fan of camping and caravanning, LPG bottled gas gives you the convenience of gas cooking and heating wherever you go, with a wide range of bottled gas sizes.

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Love your boat, caravan, motorhome or trailer-tent? Then you'll love Gaslight bottled propane. The Gaslight bottle is super light, so it's easy to carry anywhere, easy to connect, safe as a steel gas bottle and makes it easy to see how much gas you have left.

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Did you know that LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) can be used to power your car or commercial vehicles? LPG Autogas has been in use as a vehicle fuel since the 1940s, and is growing in popularity. Often up to half the cost of petrol or diesel, Autogas is an economical, low-cost clean fuel that burns more cleanly than petrol.

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cooking at home

Gas tumble dryers are available in sizes ranging from smaller units suited to domestic houses, through units suitable for launderettes, to very large units for the large loads encountered in hotels and hospitals. They are very economical to run compared to their electrical counterparts.

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