LPG Bottled Gas

Gas Bottles and cylinders for instant versatile heating and cooking at home, and away

Bottled Gas

Compact & mobile, gas cylinders or bottles come in a range of sizes to suit your lifestyle. Whether using them for indoor applications (such as cooking or portable gas heaters) or outdoors (for barbecues, patio gas heaters, camping gas stoves or caravanning), bottled gas gives you the benefits of LPG wherever you are. Plus, our growing range of Gaslight cylinders offer lightweight, easy-to-carry alternatives to traditional metal cylinders.

Bottled Gas

Which Bottle?

Neat, mobile gas cylinders or bottled gas comes in many handy shapes and sizes to suit a variety of uses, from indoor gas cookers and portable gas heaters, to outdoor patio gas heaters, camping gas stoves and BBQ’s.

Check out our Flogas Bottled Gas Guide to learn more about each gas cylinder and their application.

Cooking & Heating Indoors

Our neat and convenient mobile gas heaters provide instant heat anywhere in your house. Propane and butane bottled gas comes in a wide range of sizes to suit any appliance.

Should cooking be the only gas application required in your home, propane cylinders can be connected directly to your cooker from outside your home.

Outdoors and on the Road

You can take the comfort of home away with you on your next adventure. Our range of bottled gas sizes means you can power any mobile heaters, patio heaters, gas cookers, and bbq with clean, economical LPG. And our innovative and lightweight Gaslight cylinders takes the heavy work out of your holiday.

Outdoors and on the Road
Do I need bottled or bulk gas?

Do I need bottled or bulk gas?

Flogas provide cylinders, tanks and storage options to suit every type of customer and property. On most rural sites, connection to the mains is often not an option. The alternative for many people is an LGP tank - just like a regular oil tank, but cleaner, easier to fill and much more secure than oil. If your property cannot accommodate a storage tank(or if you use gas for your gas fire or gas cooker only), neat propane or butane cylinders (or bottled gas) provide the ideal solution.

Find out more about bottled versus bulk gas here >


Flogas have a rigorous cylinder testing policy and maintain high quality standards. The cylinder service charge gives you peace of mind that your cylinder is fully tested and guaranteed. However, incorrect storage, handling and usage of gas must be avoided at all times - please follow our safety guidelines when using bottled gas cylinders.


More About Bottled Gas

Flogas Bottled Gas Quality Assurance

Empty Flogas cylinders are transported to the company’s nationwide network of filling plants for inspection prior to refilling. Any cylinders that fail this inspection are then sent to the Flogas cylinder testing and refurbishment centre, where they are repaired, refurbished and re-qualified for use.
Find out more about our rigorous Cylinder Retesting Programme here.


While all our cylinders meet the standard stringent health and safety guidelines, Flogas go the extra mile and provide secure tamper-proof cylinder seals (Securiseal) for all our Butane and Propane cylinders. Such seals are a sign of a quality product and a guarantee that the cylinder is full and has been tested to the highest standards. Flogas is the only LPG company in Ireland to have a tamper-proof seal on its propane cylinders.

Cylinder Returns & Exchanges

The Flogas dealer network will accept competitor cylinders when customers are purchasing Flogas butane and propane refills. The Flogas cylinder and valve system is interchangeable with other brands of bottled gas and this facilitates ease of purchasing bottled gas for customers.


Need an Installer?

Always use a registered gas installer when installing gas for heating or any household use. here.

Looking for a Bulk Gas Tank?

Do you need a more permanent solution for your energy needs, but are not near a mains gas supply? An LPG central heating system from Flogas is a cost effective, secure and clean alternative to an oil central heating system.
Find out more about bulk LPG tanks here.