Carbon Offsetting

Flogas want to help reduce your business climate impact by supporting projects that can offset carbon emissions from your energy consumption


What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows companies to reduce their climate impact by purchasing carbon credits to offset carbon emissions from their business’ energy consumption.

Carbon credits are achieved by investing in projects elsewhere in the world that give an equivalent reduction of emissions; whether reducing or absorbing carbon dioxide.

For a minimal fee, we will support you in reducing your business’ climate impact by offsetting the carbon emissions from the gas provided to you.

How It Works

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1. You reduce emissions as much as possible

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2. We calculate your unavoidable emissions

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3. We purchase carbon credits on your behalf

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4. Your credits are invested in sustainable projects

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5. Equivalent carbon reduced or captured

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1 tonne LPG burnt

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3 tons of CO2

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3 carbon credits

What are the benefits?

  • Proactive leading businesses who are planning for climate change secure an 18% higher ROI due to gaining recognition from investors*
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and environmental integrity to customers with marketing materials to us on your website
  • Differentiate your business from the competitions by taking a proactive approach to tacking climate change and reducing global carbon emissions.
  • Support a variety of projects that provide sustainable development in communities around the world.
  • Use certificates issues for carbon offsets to report your climate actions to major sustainability reporting initiatives.
*CDP Report on S&P 500 companies, 2014

Our Projects

We have chosen verified carbon mitigation projects and every one of the projects we support complies with either the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Gold Standard (GS) which are approved under the ICROA code of best practise.

gold standard
Kariba REDD+ forest protection Saving forests, protecting wildlife and changing lives in Zimbabwe, Africa.
Nafa Naana efficient LPG cookstoves Distributing clean and efficient cooking equipment to vulnerable communities in Burkina Faso, Africa.
Supporting renewable energy projects Investing in windpower in India and Hydropwer in China, whilst providing job opportunities for local communities.
SD Biosupply Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Utilization Project The wastewater treatment plant was implemented in Chonburi province, Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does carbon offsetting work?
informatic diagram detailing the steps involved in offsetting carbon
How will I get proof that I have offset my carbon?
Flogas will issue you with an annual certificate detailing how many carbon credits you have purchased and the volume of LPG or Natural Gas you have offset.
How will I be invoiced for carbon offsetting?
You will be invoiced for carbon offsetting as per your standard LPG or Natural Gas invoices.
What marketing materials will be available to me?
Your marketing support pack will allow you to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and environmental integrity to customers and will include a video link, multiple project factsheets for you to use and photographs from some of the projects we have chosen to support along with your annual certificate.

Enquire about Carbon Offsetting

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